Best & Free Riverside.Fm Alternatives & Competitors For Creators & Businesses

Riverside fm alternatives and competitors

If you’re a creator who wants to build your own podcast, there are many free and paid options available. But what if you want more options to see if they are better or cost-effective alternatives? What services are out there that allow you to do just that? This post will explore the best and free alternatives for creators.

I have tried and tested all this software myself. I know all the intricacies of how these products work. I actually was one of their early users, which means that I was there during all the bugs usually present during the initial stages. 

To aid you in your decision making, I’ll tell you all about each product’s:-

  • Features
  • Dependability
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Creator friendly functions

Hopefully, this article will help you save the time and effort you would have otherwise needed to spend on looking up each of these alternatives. 

If you are in a rush and really cannot spend any time reading the entire article, skip to the end to see a table comparing all the alternatives talked about in the article.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the blog post!

Now, before I go into details about the alternatives, I want to share some features I consider absolutely essential for all good podcast software to have:-


  • Video recording ability – The capacity to record video interviews or video podcasts
  • Great audio quality – Possessing an audio quality on local file that is much better than that of Zoom
  • Superior video resolution– Along with great audio quality, the video quality should also be top-notch, such as 4K HD resolution. Many podcasters today use Skype or Zoom for this.
  • Sharing via links – The platform must have the option to invite guests using unique links.
  • No downloads – You should not need to download and install any software to get access to the product.
  • Works with any device – The platform should work with most of your devices.

What are the limitations of

I could only guess that you’re looking for alternatives for the following reasons:

  • You’re looking for free or cheaper alternatives.
  • You’re looking for an advanced alternative, something that could just do a bit more.

I’ll cover all of these aspects so you can make a better decision.

However, to me, Riverside is the best podcast recording and video software. I’ve written a detailed review about them.

But it has its limitations. So, here are some limitations of

Things I wish had

When using as a podcaster and creator, I wished for more podcasting-related features. These are some of the things I wish had:-

  • Analytics: I would love to see some data on things like how much of the time I spoke, how much my guests spoke, etc. Maybe they could have a feature to analyze my tone with to see how I come across when speaking about certain things. There is so much audio analytics they could incorporate.
  • Automatic transcription: I find transcribing podcasts manually quite bothersome and inefficient. I wish either integrated or created transcripts automatically so that I hadn’t needed to invest in some other tool for this,
  • Calendar app integrations: Having my calendar integrated with that of my guest would really help us both. should at least provide the option to integrate with Gcal for reminders. Who wants the hassle of having to manually remind their guests about the podcasts scheduled? 
  • Automatic thank you email: They could send an automatic email to the guests for coming on the podcast. It would serve as a simple yet nice gesture.
  • Chat options for a live audience or hosts: I would love a way to chat with my guests on the platform, rather than only through email. If something goes wrong, I want to be able to inform my guests right away instead of having to wait and hope that they would check their email right at that moment. 


Having said all this, I would still recommend over any other software any day. It’s the best video podcasting software, in my opinion, if you are looking for video podcasting software to upgrade your content game.


Here’s a comparative analysis by Riverside itself: alternatives alternatives

However, I’ll still talk about a few alternatives so that you can better understand the differences.

Note: I’ve written about Squadcast below but I believe Squadcast is now the best alternative for

#1 Riverside.Fm Alternatives – GetWelder (Better Quality) 

I tried Welder right after I tried Zoom. I have always wanted to record videos in order to repurpose them sometime later. 

Welder’s UX and ease of use are honestly praiseworthy. I was one of Welder’s early users, which is why I had the chance to see how hardworking and responsive the team behind Welder is.

Let me tell you some more about Welder.

 video podcasting software

What I love about Welder

  • Great UX: Welder’s UX is very easy to understand. My experience getting started with Welder was seamless. I figured out how to navigate the platform in just 5 minutes. Yes, it really was that intuitive.
  • Video and audio quality: Welder provided great quality in both audio and video.  I get 4K HD resolution and 48kHz/OPUS audio quality, which is just amazing!
  • Screen sharing feature: I love the fact that I can easily share my screen and show my guests and audience anything I need to.
  • Mobile video recording: They have an option to record using your mobile phone’s camera to achieve a higher quality video, too.

 video podcasting software

  • Educational tips via UX: I like how Welder educates me in UX about how to get the most out of the platform.

 video podcasting software phone

What I didn’t love about Welder

  • Scheduling: Welder does not give me any way to schedule my podcast, whereas gave some features.
  • Uploading issue: This one time, one of my guests left immediately, and uploads were found in the backup servers. You better be careful with it. Uploading does take a while if your internet is slow.
  • Not cost-effective for hobbyists: $25/month is kind of expensive for a hobbyist like me. This is not a problem for solid-sponsored-based podcasts, though.
  • File-size: Welder will download your files in GBs instead of MBs, which is both a blessing and a curse. The quality of the recording is high, but the large file size will quickly eat up space on your hard disk.
  • No flexibility in terms of types of audio and video recordings: There is no option for recording different types of audio and video. Welder does not ask you about this like does. So, all recordings end up being high quality and having a large file size.

Things I wish I had

Apart from analytics, transcription, and integrations, I do have some other important features that I think Welder could have.

  • Mix content: There could be an option to mix video and audio, so I don’t have to mix it myself. At present, Welder provides separate files that I would have to mix myself. Squadcast has an option to mix the audio type feature.
  • Chat feature: I wish there was a chat feature so that I could directly engage with my audience via chat.

Getwelder has a superior UX but lacks the kind of in-depth feature set that Riverside has. Overall, I do believe Welder is the second in the market and one of the finest alternatives out there.

Welder review CTA



 #2 Cheaper Alternatives – Remotely (60-mins free) is a newbie that focuses on creators. What I really love about them is their “scheduling feature” that nobody else does well. Since is new to the market, it offers a wide range of features at a pretty affordable rate, making it one of the best alternatives on my list.

They have all the rudimentary features that a podcaster needs in video podcasting software.

remotley video podcasting software

What I love about Remotely


 video podcasting software features

  • Custom branding: You can embed your logo and branding on the podcast to further promote yourself.
  • No lag in recording: Unlike and Welder, there is no recording lag during long interviews in
  • Scheduling: Scheduling is easy using I would call scheduling their superpower.
  • Dependability: Even though is new, they are very dependable. Unreliable internet will never be an issue with
  • Fast audio recording: Recording turnaround was lightning fast.

 video podcasting software remotely

  • Quite friendly pricing – Remotely’s pricing is in between Riverside and Welder’s, which I appreciate.

remotely pricing

What I didn’t love about Remotely


  • Relatively new platform: Because Remotely is quite new, there must be bugs.
  • Knowledge-base is not well set up 
  • UX: The UX was initially a little confusing 

Things I wish had are the same as the ones for and Welder.

Remotely CTA


# 3 Advanced Features with Streaming Alternatives – StreamYard (Free)

If you want streaming, video, and audio podcasting, all for maximum distribution, then I would recommend Streamyard. But you would need to start with a pricing of $20 per month. 

What I love about Streamyard:

  • Overlays: You can display your custom branding while presenting.
  • Live streaming: If you love live streaming and aren’t very keen on post-production editing, then Streamyard would be perfect for you.
  • Basic package: You get to record 4 hours a month, and 3 destinations in Streamyard’s basic package
  • Invite more guests: You can invite over 8 guests. Proper conversing with multiple people on live is possible using Streamyard.
  • Multi-destination – You have over 3 destinations in the best package. This is particularly useful if you’re big on distribution.
  • Chat feature: You can receive quick feedback as your audience and guests would be able to chat.

What I didn’t love about Streamyard:

  • You need to display Streamward’s branding if you’re using the free version
  • Using the free version does not allow you to record video
  • Streamyard has most of the relevant features but actually is not meant for podcasters.

👉 Try Streamyard for Free

# 4 Bonus Alternatives – SquadCast (Paid)

If you’re serious about podcasts and not worried about making a tiny hole in your pocket, SquadCast is undoubtedly one of the most suitable alternatives for you.

Like, SquadCast will record both your audio and video in the background. This means you don’t have to finish your recording for your upload to start. But that’s not all. It also means in case of a sudden crash, your podcast will already be saved.

SquadCast offers a 7-day free trial. If you want to start with audio recording only, you’ll have to pay $20/month, while both audio and video recording will charge you $40/month.

What do I love about SquadCast?

  • UX: SquadCast has a super user-friendly UX.
  • WAV and MP4 format: You can record audio and video for each participant separately.
  • Quality: I have to admit – SquadCast ensures high-quality recording.
  • Video tutorials: The SquadCast team offers really useful video tutorials.

SquadCast green room

What do I not love about SquadCast?

  • Pricing: SquadCast has a relatively high pricing plan, making it pretty difficult for beginners and hobbyists to afford.
  • 3-guest limitation: You can only invite a maximum of 3 guests, which I find pretty restrictive.

Things I wish I had

  • Affordable pricing plan: I wish they had an affordable plan for beginners and hobbyists.

Squadcast CTA



Interested to learn more about other podcasting tools? Give this blog a read!



If you’re looking for a software platform that offers more features than the competition, Riverside is your best bet. But if you’re looking for suitable alternatives, Welder excels in ease of use, and Streamyard is great if you want to build an audience on social media. To find out which one suits your needs best, try them all with our free trial!

If I have to move away from Riverside, I would consider Welder or Remotely purely from a podcaster standpoint. But if I want an audience, I’ll look for Streamyard as an option.

Hope you find this blog post useful to make a decision!

Disclaimer: Please note, I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. However, these are the best tools I have tested for launching and running a podcast. I just want to be real with you. You can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.


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