I’m Aazar Ali Shad

I’m a growth marketing consultant and I help SaaS companies get sustainable growth.

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Head of Growth


My Story

I started as a field salesman and then inside sales, and now growth marketing – I focus on Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referral.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several SaaS companies to grow their business with SEO, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, Onboarding & Activation & Sales (Revenue).

What I am currently working on

I am the Head of Growth at Userpilot. My job is to make the revenue numbers go up steadily and to the right through marketing, sales, and retention strategies.

Userpilot is a Product Growth Platform for every stage of the user journey. We’re helping 300+ product teams increase product adoption, feature engagement and retention through in-app growth experiments. 

How I can help

Reach out if you’re looking for any of these

Content & SEO


Growth Marketing


I've previously worked various founders to personally help them grow faster sustainably.

My Podcast

Growth Marketing Stories

This podcast is about sustainable growth marketing stories, where we go on a journey to explore how growth marketers are moving their business needle and to get inspired.


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