Growth Marketing Stories

with Aazar Shad

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This is Aazar, I’m the Head of Growth at Vitals, and a growth marketing enthusiast.

This podcast is about sustainable growth marketing stories, where we go on a journey to explore how growth marketers are moving their business needle and to get inspired.

Aazar is a sharp growth marketer who loves to learn from other experts. It’s pretty clear Aazar is very curious about the “growth” of these growth marketers & their journeys. It's so refreshing to listen to him unpack the stories of growth marketing professionals. I’ve always wanted to “be in the know” more on the growth side of things when I’m running or exercising, and not all general marketing podcasts can do that. Glad that I have this as an outlet now where I can satisfy that thirst of knowledge.
Faris Sheikh
Enterprise Growth Marketer

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