Best Insights from Growth Marketing Stories in 2022

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I’ve gathered the key insights from growth marketing stories. It’s a short episode for your to learn from it.

I’ll also summarize it below:

Growth Marketing Stories Podcast Insights

  • Facebook Ads: Understand your customers and find those insights to get ahead of your competition. Your Facebook ads can only win based on creativity, not by number crunching. — Nelio Leone
  • Content-creation: Have something to say or be angry about something. Only then your content will resonate. — Jay Acunzo
  • Partnerships: If you’re starting from scratch and have a brand, focus on building partnerships. You don’t need other channels. You need one partner to believe in you to help you grow. — Aaron Krall
  • Differentiation: If you’re in a crowded space, you can differentiate yourself by being a topic expert. — Ayat Shukairi
  • Friction: There is no one-size-fits-all friction advice. We added more friction and learned that it helps our conversion rate in insurance tech. — Maximilian Rast
  • Content Marketing: To be good at content creation and marketing, you need to sniff for good content like a police dog. You need to research to find that content with a different angle for folks. Moreover, when I create content then it should be the best resource on the internet. — Harry Dry (Marketingexamples.com)
  • New Product Development: Build on your gut and validate it through data. Your observation in the market of what’s going to be trending is through your gut. — Robert Katai
  • SEO & Content: Create content that you’re passionate about. You want it to be live in the world. You’ll see it will resonate and you’ll get backlinks if it’s fresh and adds value. — Rand Fishkin
  • Increasing Free to Paid Conversion: To improve this, you need to look at user recording once a week and find out where the friction points are. Try to simply remove those bottlenecks. — Andrew Capland
  • Acquiring More Users with Webinars: Run bottom of the funnel webinars to partners who could help you drive more conversions. Webinars are great to show the product and convince folks to give it a try. Keep running this playbook to drive more revenue. — Sid Bharath
  • Facebook Group Promotion: Don’t spam with your links on Facebook groups. Be the single best resource for group members to learn from you. You’ll get more leads. — Lazar Pavlovic
  • How to Get Ahead of the Competition: Competition can steal your blogs but not your voice and humor. Play with your strengths when you’re creating content. — Nadya Khoja
  • JBTD with SEO: Apply jobs-to-be-done to your content marketing framework. Your users are trying to get a job done and write content on that. You’ll see more folks converting. — Nadya Khoja



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