How You Are Running Facebook Ads The Wrong Way & How to Fix It

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In this episode, we cover Nelio’s story how he won Facebook Ads despite a dead channel for his boss. You’ll learn how to do the Facebook ad the right way.

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We talked about:

  • 1:44 – Back story about how Nelio left corporate world and joined a startup like Careem.
  • 5:29 – How’s Nelio’s company (Washmen) was struggling with Facebook Ads
  • 7:53 – Why Facebook Ads were not working?
  • 8:57 – How they kept Facebook ads quality score high for 8 months and became a case study for Facebook
  • 10:56 – How did the new campaign go? What were some before and after metrics?
  • 12:49 – Why their ads quality score was high? Why UX played a crucial role?
  • 17: 59 – How did they find “interest” on Facebook Ads?
  • 18:59 – How understanding end-users helped him get ahead of the competition?
  • 24:23 – How they were losing the most profitable cohort and how he helped Washmen win it back?


What are some key learning

  • Don’t believe your boss. Test the channel first.
  • Start with ad ad creative and copy first approach i.e. Brand-driven growth.
  • If you want to win at any kind of marketing. Understand your customers and find those insights to get ahead of your competition
  • Creativity > Number crunching 




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