Episode 15: When Friction Is Good & How To Find That Out

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In this episode, we discussed when is the friction good and how to find that out.

We recently wrote this on Userpilot’s blog, so I’m sharing it here:

 A friction-based flow is one that will make it harder for the user to complete the signup process in exchange for more value-added later on. For example, booking a demo that goes to your sales pipeline first is also counted as friction-based. On the other hand, a frictionless flow will make it much easier to complete the signup process hoping that the UI is good enough to demonstrate the value of the app on its own.

I also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both in our podcast or you can simply read this blog.

We covered:

  • What is friction? – 00:54 – 00:60
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of frictionless & friction-based flows? 00:61 to 3:21
  • Max’s challenge with having a frictionless flow for Ottonova – 3:25 to 5:21
  • How he found out after making it friction-based & How did he found out that it would work? 5:22 to 7:43
  • What were some best practices & inspiration he followed? – 7:44 to 10:40




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