How One Channel Grew Aaron’s Business Without Any Paid Marketing

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This is an emotional underdog story of Aaron Krall. He shared his story about how he felt like cheating while growing his business without any paid marketing.

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We’ve discussed:


✔️ How Aaron left college and his job to start a business.

✔️ How he kept failing and never wanted to be an entrepreneur AGAIN.

✔️ How he kept growing without any paid channels.

✔️ Why he thinks this channel works well.

✔️ How you can leverage this channel and ideas.

✔️ Live case study with this channel.


Show notes:


1:07 – Who is Aaron and How does he help SaaS companies with growth.

1:56 – Aaron’s emotional story of failures to find traction for his business.

6:27 – How he started with SEO and Facebooks to deliver results.

11:40 – How he found partner marketing is ultimate channel and how he nurtures them.

14:40 – How Aaron would build relationship with Segment (advice to me & Userpilot).

22: 58 – How Aaron will solve a VOIP SaaS Startup’s traction problem with partner marketing & development.


5 key lessons for growth marketers trying to gain traction with partner marketing:


✔️ You ONLY need one partner to grow.

✔️ Partners are lazy. You need to make efforts. You need to build relationship over time.

✔️ If the partner is a popular and hard to get. You need continue investing and nurture the relationship with creative ways to gain attention like direct mail, books, gifts, leads and more.

✔️ Provide value first, and keep doing it until it’s your time.

✔️ Don’t stop following up. Consistently nurture it until they don’t pay attention.

Not getting a response from partners IS NOT an answer. – Aaron Krall



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