How To Create Mouth Watering (Podcasting) Content That Resonates

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If you’re looking to make a great brand & (podcasting) content that resonates with your audience. This podcast is for you. Jay Acunzo is my mentor. He actually taught many of us how to create a stellar podcast.

Jay’s content you should DEFINITELY read if you’re planning to start a podcast

Must Read Jay’s Blogs

Show Notes

2:03 – What’s his professional mission?

3:09 – Why he moved away from a well-paid Google’s job to pursue content marketing?

7:39 – How did he had his epiphany over time?

7:49 – How content creation should be actually done?

8: 13 – Why Head of Content At Hubspot was still done good enough?

15:26 – How Jay’s VC podcast considered as good as A16z podcast?

22:5 – How to find podcast ROI?

26:01 – How a SaaS brand should have podcast creation?

28: 50 – We did a case study live on – What should be Userpilot’s (my company) podcast premise?

39:20 – What’s smug clarify and why should we avoid it?

45: 46 – How I start growth marketing stories, and how Jay help me?

53:01 – Worst advice Jay ever had?



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