How Oribi Found Success with Paid Social

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In this episode, we discuss Paid Social strategy of Oribi.io:

02:28 – How Iris founded 3 different SaaS ventures and how she came up with the idea of Oribi.

5:58 – My Questions around Oribi’s capabilities as a Google Analytics alternative.

12:49 – The paid social strategy story

14:27 – Why she chose paid social although it is an expensive channel

16:29 – Iris’ mental models to leverage paid social

23:38 – Did she struggle with the ads initially?

24:48 – What’s the worst piece of advice she has ever got?

25:51 – What has she recently changed her mind about?




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The Paid Social Success Story & Lessons


SaaS companies are terrible at creating stunning Facebook & Instagram ads.

There, I said it.

But there is one company that has figured it out to run performance marketing effectively.

Look at this well-done funny ad first.


Here is one of their latest Facebook Ads that caught my eyes:


And, you can check out all their ads in the Facebook Library to get inspired.


Did I make a case for them so far?

I hope so…

So, I thought about asking their CEO’s mental models to run effective paid social ads.

Here are 7 key lessons that she shared on my podcast:

  1. It’s better to focus on one acquisition channel and that’s why paid social pretty much worked out for them.
  2. You need to build a creative machine in-house. Constantly coming up with ideas is important.
  3. Keep finding winner ads and make better versions of them.
  4. Use customer-facing teams to come up with the ideas.
  5. Try to make scrappy videos, see if they work, and then make it a better version.
  6. Be *very* specific in your ads and address the right audience.
  7. Hit with the pain point immediately, don’t wait to wait to show them part of the funnel later on.

That’s all.



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