Oribi.io Review & Walkthrough – The Marketers Secret Weapon To Attribution

Oribi Full Review

Unfortunately, Oribi is moving away due to the LinkedIn acquisition. I have moved to Wickedreports or Hyros or Triple Whale. I wrote a detailed review about Hyros here. I’ll suggest you check it out.


Have you ever wondered if Google Analytics’ ‘freemium’ service is actually worth it? Richard Serra from Oracle famously said, ” when it’s free, then YOU are the product.

Also, if you’re a bit advanced, you need a search console, data studio, and Google analytics to properly map the user journey.

Here’s a better Google Analytics alternative i.e. Oribi.io.  Since I’ve tried the tool, I’m sharing my review if you are still on the edge.

Oribi.io is a no-code marketing analytics tool that acts as an alternative to Google Analytics. 

Full transparency time: I may get some commission if you click on these links but it won’t cost you anything. Also, they have not paid me to write this review.

Table of Content

Oribi helps clients answer questions about their visitors, customer flow, and marketing efforts, such as:

  • What channels should you invest in to drive brand awareness, sales or build relationships with prospects?
  • Where are prospects getting lost on their conversion journey, and how do you fix it?
  • What marketing content should they generate to boost conversions?
  • How are visitors using their key pages, and what can they optimize?

In this article, I will offer a comprehensive Oribi review for you to decide whether Oribi is worth the switch from Google Analytics. And this is coming from someone who has already used the latter.



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Oribi Review – Oribi’s Selling Point

Oribi’s selling point is that it doesn’t believe in endless reports and lots of data. It’s faster and easier to use than many other tools, including Google Analytics. 

Oribi highlights the right data and helps marketers make informed decisions without needing a developer. Oribi provides summarized and actionable business insights. You only need to take one line of code and install it on the website. 

Oribi review

Oribi review 2

Many of us don’t have the time or desire to learn how to leverage Google Analytics to our advantage. Users also don’t want to trawl through endless reports to find the answers they need.

While Google Analytics makes you rely on tech support, Oribi makes you self-sufficient with its friendly user interface that you can easily share with non-data-savvy colleagues. 

You can quickly get your ROI in whichever plan you choose because of Oribi’s time-saving capabilities and the no geek-speak insights.

Oribi Review – Features That Give Oribi a Competitive Advantage

Oribi’s features include event correlations, smart funnels, individual visitor journeys, actionable insights & trends, attribution, marketing channel analysis, custom reports, automatic event tracking, and so much more.

Let’s look at how Oribi might give Google Analytics a run for its money.

Event Tracking – Automagically Tracking All Events 


Oribi eliminates your dependence on developers and tracks all events automatically for you. You can define any event on your website – button clicks, form submissions, page groups, etc. by yourself without a developer. Moreover, it updates events on your site dynamically to the right group, thus requiring zero maintenance. 

What about Google Analytics? GA demands tech support, and you need to define each event manually. Plus, changes on your site have to be updated in your GA account manually. Unlike Google Analytics, Oribi also lets you identify prospects via their emails.

With Oribi, you can even export codeless events to Facebook and Google ads to optimize your campaigns without a developer.

You can get a competitive advantage by easily exporting various segments of your users’ behavior. It helps you create better lookalike audiences, define better objectives, and analyze your keywords the right way.

Oribi review 3

Suppose you want to create an event on Oribi, e.g. signup buttons. While analyzing button clicks on 30 different buttons on 43 pages, instead of manually tagging buttons and pages with Google Analytics and going to every one of the 43 pages that include a signup button, Oribi can group them all at once and holistically show how all these buttons lead to a signup.

Oribi review 4

Oribi will track all pages/events and group them, allowing you to flexibly group events and explore what leads to the conversions that occur across the timeline. 

You can get a lot of different things that happen on the website automatically like:

  • What is the engagement level during the holidays?
  • Do I have a specific traffic spike on a channel?
  • What is the engagement level on the weekends? By channel, device, and specific campaigns?
  • Which specific campaigns drive sign-ups on my site? Which pages were successful in driving people towards signup?

Visitor Journeys (This was missing my previous GA set up)


Google Analytics limits your access to the journey of individual users after 3 steps. Oribi lets you see what visitors do from the moment they come to your site until they leave. 

You can see what the visitors do not just on a single visit but on every single visit after the signup. You can check out the individual journeys as well as the aggregate journey.

  • Which channel brought them in?
  • What’s their location?
  • How many visits did they make? And from which devices?
  • What did they click on? How long did it take them until they moved on? 

You can get this information even across domains. It helps you see what made people leave your site, come back, purchase or sign up for something. It enables you to be in their shoes and understand what they liked and disliked.

Oribi review 5

Moreover, if you are using individual journeys to find common behavior, Oribi allows you to filter all visits based on country, organic vs. in-organic traffic, or why people visit your site 5 times without purchasing or without completing an action. 

Oribi review 6

If a visitor has more than one session, the filter will refer you to the shortest or longest session. It helps you understand why a visitor spent an hour or 30 seconds on your site and left. All of these assist you in segmenting your audience according to user behavior or your campaigns. 

Oribi also has a journey aggregator to give a bird’s eye view, e.g., What was the most common path to convert on your site? You can find out what the most common journeys are for getting to a certain event or page. It’ll help you know where to focus and what funnel to build.

Funnels To Follow The Journey Properly (Unlike GA)

With Google Analytics, there are limitations. You can only choose page visits as your funnel steps, which removes several blind spots for each button a prospect clicks.

With Oribi, you don’t have to set goals for the funnel. Oribi tracks information from the moment the code is installed on the site.

Unlike GA, where defining an event shows you data only from that point on, Oribi lets you see that data retroactively. You’ll be able to see data for any event that occurred since installing the Oribi tracking code on your site, even if you didn’t define the event right away. 

Oribi shows you historically what happens, and you can later modify anything you want. You can choose the events you wish to include in a funnel. For example, for visits, you can include – All visits, Blog visits, Collect money online, etc. In case of clicks, you can select All Pricing Buttons, Clicks on Contact us, Get Started, How it Works, etc.

With Oribi, you can break the results down into different insights. You can see what is working and what isn’t in terms of devices, channels, or locations. You can also receive insights on how to improve the percentages in each step of the funnel. 

Oribi review 7

To add to it, you can compare funnels from month to month or week to week. You get the flexibility to filter the funnels based on campaign, channel, country, and more. This isn’t something you’ll find on Google Analytics.

Building funnels with Oribi requires much less time – you simply add steps for the event list. It supports funnels across different domains, and you can filter them by channel/country. You can also learn where you are losing visitors. 

Oribi review 8Oribi review 9

Attribution That Credits The Right Campaign


An attribution usually gets confusing for users. Some visitors go through multiple touchpoints before conversion, and it gets very complex to attribute all the channels supporting the sale. They can come from Google, Facebook, email, and then Google again and convert. 

Oribi gives you the option to dive deeper. Attribution displays help you better score each of your channels and ultimately understand how they contribute to sales and conversions. 

Unlike GA, Oribi gathers visitor data across multiple touchpoints. Out of a certain number of visitors who performed an event, you can know the percentage that converted after a single touchpoint and the percentage that converted through multiple touchpoints. You can examine your marketing efforts and the contribution each channel has on conversion.

Oribi review 10

Because Google Analytics, by default, goes by the last touch attribution model and Facebook by the first touch, it creates the issue of double crediting and lack of visibility to all the other channels that supported the sale. This way, you fail to attribute other channels that assisted the conversion.

Via the attribution calculator, you can choose your own percentages to attribute to First Touch, Assist, and Last Touch based on how much importance you give to each of them, e.g., 20%, 20%, and 60%, respectively. The number of conversions would adjust based on your approach.

Oribi review 11

You can also make marketing decisions based on touchpoints by evaluating each channel individually.

attribution -oribi review

Event Correlations

Google Analytics doesn’t let you correlate events. But Oribi does.

Event correlation lets you discover how a certain event impacts another. Eg. Are blog readers more likely to buy? Are visitors who viewed the video on your homepage more likely to sign up? You can also learn the effect of a certain part of your site on conversion, e.g., Are visitors who visit the ‘blog’ more likely to reach the ‘thank you page’?

oribi review - event correlation

Support & CRO Experts On Your Speed Dial

24/7 support is something you can’t avail of via Google Analytics. 

On the flip side, Oribi has a dedicated team of conversion analysts who are always available to email or hop on a call to help clients get the most of the platform. Oribi assigns each client to a dedicated account manager with marketing experience who helps clients optimize their funnels. They also help with different marketing campaigns, processes, and web optimization. 

So, you see, Oribi is not a platform where you just see a demo and have to figure the rest out for yourself or pay someone else to do it. Someone will be there to set up the platform for you and make monthly strategic calls to talk about specific challenges you might face.

Customized Reports – No More Data Studio Needed

Reports with Google Analytics are basic and standardized. If you want to include specific metrics in your report or change its overall look, you need to prepare it yourself. Oribi also lets you add logos and change colors, unlike GA.

Oribi will prepare fully customizable reports to be exported or sent with a click. You can schedule reports to be shared automatically.

Oribi review - Trends

Privacy – GDPR Compliant (Anonymization) 

Oribi has been built to protect customer data and foster trust and loyalty. It abides by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that aims to unify and strengthen data protection for all within the EU. 

  • Oribi does not save any personal data by default, e.g., exact locations and email addresses.
  • Oribi protects subject data rights. You can request an export, even a permanent deletion of your own or your visitors’ personal data. You can prevent sending any personal data and control what data you send to Oribi. You can also exclude certain IP addresses, in which scenario Oribi won’t track any particular visitors’ actions at all.
  • The data policies are completely transparent.

Oribi vs Google Analytics

Before going through the walkthrough, let me tell you why Oribi is a great Google Analytics alternatives.

Here are 5 reasons why:

Oribi vs Google Analytics # 1 – You can correlate to different pages with goal conversion to really see “which” pages are driving conversions.

Google Analytics vs Oribi - Correlation

Oribi vs Google Analytics # 2  – Full Visitor Journey

In Google Analytics, you can only see the last three pages of Google Analytics but in Oribi, you see the full journey.

visitor journey


Oribi vs Google Analytics # 3  – Full funnel analysis

I can now see the entire funnel, not just some part of it. I can create funnels. Not just based on pages but also clicks and events.

full funnel

Oribi vs Google Analytics # 4 – Attribution 

I could not do the channel attribution properly in Google analytics. Oribi is a good Google Analytics alternative because I finally know where to double down.

Oribi vs Google analytics - Attribution


Oribi for free



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Founder Interview

I invited Oribi’s founder to explain some key questions we have around Oribi.


02:28 – How Iris founded 3 different SaaS ventures and how she came up with the idea of Oribi.

5:58 – My Questions around Oribi’s capabilities as a Google Analytics alternative.

Oribi’s Walkthrough & Video Demo (start to finish)


Try Oribi for Free

Step 1 – Personalized with your website.


Oribi Walkthough 1

Step 2 – You might have to give your number.


Oribi Walkthough 2

Step 3 – Oribi trying to do their attribution (I recommend it too).

Oribi Walkthough 3

Step 4 – Choose where you want to install Oribi.

Oribi Walkthough 5

Step 6 – They give you a piece of code.

Oribi Walkthough 6


Oribi Walkthough 7


They even tell you how to install it on WordPress.

Step 7 – They offer a free product tour WHILE you wait 24 hours for them to populate the data (AI does its thing)


Oribi Walkthough 8

Step 8 –  I get a support team at my fingertips

Oribi Walkthough 9

Step 9 – This was after 24 hours of wait, they have my data now to see.

Oribi Walkthough 10

Step 10 – THIS was the best part. I created magic events (Wait for it).

Oribi Walkthough 10

Step 11 – Creation of magic event (AUTOMAGICALLY).

Oribi Walkthough 12

Step 12 – It took me 5 seconds to create an event in Oribi (at least 2-3 hours in GA but with a developer help).

Oribi Walkthough 12

Step 13 – They tell me exactly where people are converting from and which pages.

Oribi Walkthrough 13

Step 14  – WOW! I could create funnels easily, see which channels are converting, and where my visitors are coming from.

Oribi Walkthrough 14


Step 15 – I could follow exact user journey (THIS I COULD NOT DO IN GOOGLE ANALYTICS).

Oribi Walkthrough 15


Step 16 – Now, I could see “who” signed up – especially from my paid ads. I need to know if they are qualified.

Oribi Walkthrough 16

Step 17 – This was useful – I need to know how long and where folks take time to convert eventually. I also could not do in Google analytics.

Oribi Walkthrough 17

Step 18  –  Marketers pay a ton of money to find this kind of data. How many folks converted in single touch point vs multi-touch point?

Oribi attribution

Step 19 –  You could do weightage average attribution too.

Oribi attribution 2

Step 20 –  Who converted? How many touchpoints and from where?


Step 21 – Can you figure out if the blog is helping to convert? In GA, no and Oribi – Yesssss!

23_attribution correlation

Oribi for free



(20% off discount code gms if you are already convinced)

Oribi Review – Pricing

Oribi is priced by visitors per month based on the type of business – ‘Business Website’, ‘eCommerce Shop’, and ‘Marketing Agency’.

Billed annually, ‘eCommerce Shop’ costs $540/month, while the ‘Business Website’ plan costs $630/month. Finally, ‘Marketing Agency costs $600/month. This plan offers white labeling and custom designs for all your reports.

Why Oribi?

Oribi’s biggest disadvantage is that it can be quite expensive, especially for businesses that are trying to keep their costs down. However, if you don’t want to pay for analytics with your time, additional resources, and data, Oribi is a great option.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner in analytics and have extra cash to spare, Oribi will be the best choice for you.

Google Analytics can be very time-consuming and confusing. You should at least try the free trial that Oribi offers to experience it by yourself.

As mentioned above, Oribi offers a ton of features, such as custom events support, multiple touchpoint attribution, events correlation, funnel filters, and monthly optimization calls, which might just be worth the money for you.



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How Good is Oribi?

Oribi is not only good but better. I’ve tried it, and it basically removes the entire coding and Google dashboard studio irrelevant. I am not a technical marketer so it helps a lot. Plus, it automatically tracks all the events, so it is even better.

Is Oribi better than Google Analytics?

Google Analytics required a lot of setup & planning. Although, GA-4 is better for dashboards and charts for easier insights. Oribi does it automagically. Both tools are good but Oribi is good for marketing teams.

How much does Oribi cost?

Oribi will start its packaging from 540$ but if you have 10K web sessions and beyond it will be $630 and beyond.



Disclaimer: Please note, I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. However, these are the best tools I have tested for launching and running a website & a podcast. You can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.



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