How Truebill Grew Zero to $100Mn in ARR (But They Almost Died Early On)

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In this episode, we cover an inspiring story of Truebill and its growth levers.


We discussed:

3:07 – The Truebill original story

5:25 – How did he think about differentiation?

7:13 – How Truebilll was on a death bed? How did he pull it off?

12:17 – What’s the framework to grow a B2C business?

19:49 – What are the growth levers from 0-$100K, $100K to $1Mn, $1MN to $10Mn and $10Mn to $100Mn for Truebill?

23:17 – Why did not referral marketing work for Truebill?

27:19 – Favorite growth marketer?

28:10 – What’s the worst piece of advice you ever got?

29:51 – What have you recently changed your mind about?

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