Cometly Review: I Tried & Bought Cometly To Find Out How It Helps with iOS14 Tracking

Cometly Review

I’m a performance marketers with $250K/month ad budget so I do need to know if my ad is converting or not. Post iOS14 tracking issue, it was a hell until I found Cometly.

Cometly is an excellent ad tracking and optimization tool. It lends you a hand in making data-driven decisions to manage ads in the best way for your business. It is easy to use, and provides convenient integration and features.

During my time as the Head of Growth at Shopify, I’ve had my fair share of experiences using such marketing analytics tools. As an e-commerce growth marketer, I’ve now had the chance to test Cometly personally, so you don’t have to! 

In this article, I’ll be diving into an in-depth Cometly review. It is one of the top ad optimization tools I have tried and has many features to impress you. Keep going through the article to learn about the key features, pros, cons, and pricing for Cometly.

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Table of Content

Cometly Review: Overview

Cometly Review

Cometly is an intuitive ad tracking tool to track, analyze, optime, and scale your business’s ad campaigns. Within an hour of getting started with it, you will realize that your ads are performing better than they have ever been before.

Cometly tracks all your ad sales inside its platform and sends your sales data back to the integrated platforms’ respective ad managers. It ensures your ads get the best possible optimization from ad AI of integrated platforms.

This adaptive ad analytics platform is the best choice for businesses to thrive with ad campaigns. Its industry-leading ads management tools can make your life a bit easier. Cometly also makes it possible to overcome the ad tracking problem because of iOS 14 and later.

In addition to the seamless integration and handy features, you will have access to better attribution and analytics. Even before subscribing to any plan, you can experience this extreme competitive advantage by booking a free demo.

Cometly integrates with most major ad and sales platforms like Shopify, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, ClickBank, Tiktok, etc. It also integrates all of your Meta accounts in one place.

Cometly Review: Key Features

Now let us go through some of Cometly’s best features.

Comet Pixel 

This advanced tracking pixel technology is one of Cometly’s main features. Comet Pixel helps your store accurately track sales back to the correct ad and bypass ad blockers that may limit your attribution. Moreover, it tells you which ads bring sales and which do not.

Cometly Review

The Pixel is very easy and time efficient to set up. You can set it up in less than 5 minutes by simply copying and pasting the code onto your Shopify website. Then, it instantly begins to give you accurate tracking for your ad campaigns.

Moreover, it can bypass iOS 14 and later blockage. It allows users to regain visibility and insights into their ads and sales, giving them a significant advantage over their competitors. 

Cometly’s advanced tracking algorithm uses data from first-party platforms to ensure hyper-accurate data without any guessing or modeling. Additionally, it provides a 28-day attribution, while most ad platforms offer only seven days. 

Comet Pixel lets you switch between analyzing data with a click. It provides you with unique insights about what ads attract customers and assist them in making a purchase.

Comet Ads Manager

Cometly Review

This feature lets you take action regarding your ads. It allows you to optimize and scale your ads profitably after getting 100% accurate data from Comet Pixel.

It lets you turn your ads on or off directly inside the Comet Ads manager. It enables you to analyze accurate data and make decisions on it without having to switch tabs back and forth between your ad tool and the ad platform. You can adjust your budget inside the manager, and it will automatically update it inside your ad platform within seconds.

Cometly gives you the full breakdown of the stats of a campaign, ad set, and ad level. It also gives you a unique feature like a daily breakdown that will help you analyze every step and increase ad ROAS.

Additionally, it lets you customize, reorder, and pin data columns. Besides, it allows you to export data in your desired format with accurate values. You can also explore more features, like a green/red analysis showing what’s working and what’s not.

Conversion API

This feature sends accurate data back to the ad platforms and feeds the AI for better optimization.

Cometly will “send” all the accurately retrieved data back to the native ad platforms, which have some of the most advanced AI targeting and optimization systems. As a result, it will improve and boost the targeting and optimization of your ad campaigns, ultimately leading to a higher ROAS and consistency of your ads.

Most CAPIs (Conversion APIs) are intricate to set up and often require a professional software developer. However, Cometly has made it easy for you. All you have to do is click a button to send back your data to the native ad platforms.


Spaces is a helpful feature for large teams and agencies to manage multiple Shopify stores in different workspaces. You can invite your team or clients by assigning roles and setting permissions, that too, for no extra cost.

This feature is available on all plans without additional cost. It lets you see the blended stats of all your businesses, which helps compare how each is doing.


With industry-leading powerful analytics, Cometly tracks sales back to the correct and optimizes your ads for better execution. 

While data analyzing is highly complex, Cometly makes it easy and fun with its simple user interface. You can easily track accurate ROAS, profit, and loss for every campaign, ad set, and ad. In addition, daily breakdown page reports will help you see how your ads are performing on a day-by-day basis.

Using Cometly, you will get to know the ad campaigns bringing in substantial revenues. Cometly gives you a simple breakdown at a glance for knowing what ads are your top performers. It can help you to make smart and business-driven decisions for your ad campaigns. 

Cometly Spend Analysis helps you track how much money you plan on your ads for a particular day. It also allows you to aggregate reports to view ad results for multiple businesses and get a blended ROAS from these results.


Cometly integrates directly with the world’s largest and most popular ad platforms and sales channels to receive data via a server-to-server connection. 

The ad and sales channels integration is straightforward and only requires a click. Following their setup guide, you can integrate and fully set your Cometly with your ad platforms within 10 minutes.


Automations is a relatively new feature (it might be unavailable to many), introduced in September. Using this feature, Halley, Cometly’s AI, can automatically optimize your ads based on conditions you set.

Soon, Cometly plans to make Haley give recommendations to you about what she discovers on her own.

Cometly Review: Pricing 

They used to offer following pricing:

Cometly offers three plans, from the Pro plan for $199/month to the Enterprise plan for $499/month. Cometly also gives you a 20% discount if you go for annual billing. 

But new pricing looks like this so I am assuming it is not crazy higher like previous ones. The new one looks like this below:

Cometly Review

Cometly comes in 2 types of pricing. Before you subscribe to any, it offers a free demo strategized by a 30-minute meeting between you and its expert. 

  • Pro: The Pro plan supports teams and businesses with a monthly ad spend ranging from $10k to $200k. Even though the pricing is discussion-based, the Pro plan starts from as low as $199 per month. You can make the payment monthly or annually. The Pro plan gives you the necessary ad management tools and access to unlimited user accounts for your business. In addition, it lets you have access to unlimited workspaces. Moreover, it makes you eligible for Comet pixel and advanced ad performance reporting.


  • Enterprise: This plan is specifically for helping large enterprises, having $200k to $25M ad spend per month, and comes with customized pricing decided by discussions. Other than the standard offerings of the Pro plan, the Enterprise plan gives you more features for your ad tracking solution. The Enterprise plan makes you eligible for a dedicated account manager and an Implementation team for your business’s ad campaigns. You can get premium support from Cometly from this subscription plan.


  • Easy setup
  • Free trial with a meeting to fix the strategy
  • Unlimited users and workspaces
  • Robust analysis
  • Unaffected by iOS 14 and later blockage
  • Tracking with Comet Pixel
  • Easy to use Conversion API
  • Similar features available for all plans
  • Integrates with Shopify, Meta, and most other popular native ad platforms


  • No Google Ads integration yet
  • No sophisticated refund policies in place
  • Pricing structure sometimes ends up costing larger businesses more for the same features

Cometly Review: Who is It For? 

Cometly can work with and benefit any business of any size, large enterprises, freelancers, corporations, and many others. I recommend it for any business that seeks to connect, track, manage, analyze, optimize, and scale its ads and ultimately increase its sales.

Cometly Review: 3 Things I Love About Cometly

Cometly offers a lot of handy features. So it has not been easy to pick the best ones. But these are my three favorite Cometly features.


In all conscience, Cometly is an all-inclusive ad analytics and optimization tool. But unlike similar-level data analytics tools, it doesn’t require a huge setup cost.

Cometly directly connects with your native ad platform to pull accurate data and track your ads. After setting up, you can get accurate data and optimization within an hour. You can use Cometly to track sales to the correct ad and get accurate data.


Another thing Cometly does exceptionally well is tracking ads accurately. The Comet Pixel’s advanced tracking algorithm makes tracking data as accurate as possible with no assumptions.

Its ability to overcome the problem of tracking blockage by iOS 14 makes it a game changer. Besides, it helps you scale confidently by knowing what ads bring in revenue.


Increasing sales is one of Cometly’s primary offerings, and it excels at it. Cometly delivers accurate ad tracking data and optimizes your ads to assist you in making the correct decisions for your ad campaigns.

To track sales from ads, you can use the Ads Manager and Conversion API from Cometly, which will help you to track and improve the sales from ads.

The only stumbling block to Cometly would be the pricing. Its features are based on the subscription tier, but its subscription pricing is based on how many ads spent are being tracked across all Spaces. It sometimes makes larger enterprises and businesses pay increases for the same features in the same subscription tier.

Final Verdict

Cometly is a fantastic tool for ad tracking and optimizing ads. It helps you by accurately tracking ads, giving precise data, and helping you scale confidently. It consequently helps you to increase your sales based on better ad campaign performance.

Cometly puts appreciable effort into keeping the tool as simple and user-friendly as possible. It makes complex things like ad tracking, monitoring, and optimizing doable with only one click.

However, some businesses may still find the pricing structure to be a problem despite its advantages. Luckily, you can try out Cometly by booking a demo without committing to any subscription plan!

Full Disclosure: If you click on some of the links in this article and purchase a paid plan, I may receive affiliate commissions (at no cost to you!). Regardless, the products and services I review are some of the best I’ve tried, and I support them personally. To know more, head over to my privacy policy & affiliate disclosure.

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