Typedream Review: The Value-for-Money Webflow Alternative

Typedream review

Look I have tried WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, Carrd, and many other no-code website design tools. But none of them are close to when it comes to Typedream. You’ll be able to get your website up in 30 minutes or less (caveat if it is a simpler one), so I should give you a proper review for Typedream. The best part? It’s affordable.

With Typedream, you can create web pages that speak to your audience, customize them to your needs, and even connect with your existing database without using any code or breaking the bank. 

Typedream is an excellent no-code website builder. Integrated with its own simple yet powerful site editor, Typedream works just as simply as Notion while delivering the best possible website. It has an animation library, 60+ templates, and much more. It even has an analytics tool to keep track of your website’s performance.

And the best part is Typedream’s free version and cheaper premium plans compared to Webflow. 

One of my website is built on Typeshare — Check Prequel


While being the Growth Marketing Consultant, I’ve had my fair share of experience in growing businesses. One of the most significant factors in e-commerce growth is how your website looks and feels. I’ve had the pleasure of using Typedream, which excels in these areas. Here’s my honest and in-depth Typedream review where I talk about all its pros and cons. Let’s dive in!

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  • Typedream is cheaper than Webflow yet offers the same level of performance and customization. Simply making Typedream the best overall choice for a no-code website builder. 
  • Going in-depth about the features that make Typedream special and my obvious choice. Its Notion-themed interface makes it easier for people who have used Notion in the past. Typedream also offers numerous templates making it easier than ever to get started.
  • Typedream also offers SEO-friendly sites and an amazing analytical tool to handle your website’s analytics. 
  • Typedream offers 3 pricing plans. The first one is completely free. Next is the Launch plan, which costs $12/month; after that, the Pro plan is offered at $20/month.
  • Typedream is essential for anyone looking to build websites for themselves or their company but lacks the technical skills. 
  • Typedream offers a better value for money compared to Webflow. It also reduces your dependency on software engineers and has a huge resource library for choosing templates or assets. 

If you’re looking to build a website for yourself or your organization, look no further. Try Typedream for free and make your website today!


But first, full transparency: I may receive commissions if you click on some of the links in this article, but it won’t cost you a thing! Also, the companies do not pay me to write these reviews. I test the products and services myself, and I support them regardless.

Typedream Review: Overview


Typedream is a no-code Notion-like website builder that allows users to build websites with little or no coding. Instead of waiting for a company to do it for you, you can now create a website for your company in a matter of hours or days without needing to learn any coding. 

The product is like a fusion of a website builder and a CMS. You have full autonomy to design and compound fully-responsive websites. You can also make sitewide changes with the visual editor. Moreover, Typedream lets you make changes to the website after it’s up without downtime.

While Webflow charges higher for its product, Typedream is a fantastic cheap alternative. It provides all the essential features and has the same capabilities as Webflow while charging miraculously less money.

We all know businesses must stay up-to-date with their analytics. That’s where Typedream’s simple analytics tool comes into play. Using it, you can keep track of your website’s analytics.

Besides, Typedream offers several templates and assets to make your website come to life. It can integrate numerous external tools into your website, such as Medium, Notion, Tableau, etc. 

A key difference between Typedream and some code-based website builders is how much emphasis Type Dream puts on customer support. It offers a lot of guides and tutorials to help you learn the basics and get you started on your journey. 

Typedream Review: Key Features

Typedream can be the easiest way to your dream website. Let us go through some key features that make it stand out.

Ease of Use 

One of the top features of Typedream is its accessibility. It has an easy-to-use Notion-themed site editor where you can start creating your website by typing “/.” It’s just as simple as Notion with no strings attached.

Typedream Review

Most website builders have a high barrier to entry. Even no-code website builders such as Webflow require users to have some coding knowledge. However, anyone can use Typedream without any coding knowledge. Even beginners without technical experience can build a website in minutes.

Moreover, its ease of use doesn’t mean it lacks features. It’s a very versatile and powerful tool that anyone can use.

Notion-Themed Interface 

Everyone loves Notion’s “What You See Is What You Get” design theory, which is why it is so popular for building websites. But Notion lacks many essential website-building tools, such as buttons or navbars.

Moreover, having a Notion-themed interface makes it easier and more accessible for everyone. Regardless of your technical ability, you can build a website using Typedream if you are familiar with Notion.

Templates & Assets 

Typedream makes building websites and maintaining them highly convenient. It has 60+ handpicked templates and an abundance of assets to make building attractive websites effortless. In fact, you can build a landing page in minutes using Typedream’s templates and assets. 

You can also create a website with Typedream by duplicating any Notion-themed template. Type Dream also lets you suggest templates to add to its vast library. You just have to tell Typedream’s fantastic customer support about your desired use cases.

SEO Friendly Sites

Static websites are better for SEO. Typedream automatically generates a sitemap for your website to always stay at the top of search results.

You can go into the site settings and tweak the SEO settings with relevant meta tags. This will directly help you gain more traction for your site, which will help your brand reach the desired customer base. 

Analytics Tool 

Typedream has a simple yet powerful inbuilt analytics tool. It helps you keep track of your company’s analytics and make better decisions based on it. It is currently an experimental feature but can be very useful when used correctly.

Typedream keeps track of the following metrics:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Total Pageviews
  • Bounce Rate
  • Visit Duration
  • Current Visitors
  • Top Sources
  • Top Pages
  • Devices
  • Countries Map

Amazing Customer Support

Typedream offers 24/7 customer support through its live chat function. You can also join the Type Dream team on Slack.


Typedream offers a wide array of external tools to help you with your website building and customizing, such as Notion, Medium, Coda, etc. If you don’t see your favorite external tool on the site, you can list it to their customer support.

Typedream Review: Pricing 

Typedream Review

Typedream has three pricing options, which are billed monthly or yearly. It has a free plan which you can sign up for without a credit card. The premium plans also come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

  • Free Plan: The free plan comes at no cost, and you won’t need a credit card to sign up. It is perfect for building your first simple website or getting accustomed to the Typedream workflow. Although it lets you create unlimited pages, you can only publish one. It’ll also be restricted to the “typedream.app” domain. The plan ensures that your website will always display a Typedream badge. Even with some of these shortcomings, this is an enticing plan to try out and start your journey on Typedream.


  • Launch Plan: The Launch plan starts at $12/month if you’re billed yearly and $15/month if you’re billed monthly. It is the best choice for designers, freelancers, or agencies on a specific budget.

The Launch plan is perfect for product launches, landing pages, and more. It offers all the services that were on the free plan alongside a lot of newer aspects. This plan can be compared to Webflow’s most popular CMS plan. But Typedream’s plan offers the same capabilities at a much more affordable price. 

Moreover, it lets you publish unlimited pages with custom domain names. Its team collaboration feature also makes it easier to collaborate with your team.

This plan also includes access to your website’s SEO and Metadata. You also get access to the basic analytics tool so that you can look over your website’s analytics. 

  • Pro Plan: This is the perfect plan if you’re looking for the best possible service and are willing to pay for it. The Pro plan comes for $20/month if you’re billed yearly and $25/month if you’re billed monthly. 

The Pro plan can be compared to Webflow’s Business plan. The Pro offers the same capabilities but costs significantly less, making it the obvious choice. 

This is the optimal plan for products, directories, and commercial websites. You get everything offered in the Launch plan and much more. It gives you access to Typedream’s locked pages tool, which lets you create pages that members need access to view. 

The Pro plan also offers an upgrade to the basic analytics of the Launch plan in the form of advanced analytics. You also display data from notion (5000+ times) and get free access to a “.xyz” domain for a year.


  • Freedom to customize your website 
  • Beginner-friendly learning curve 
  • Great for designers or people looking to make a website easily 
  • A good support material library 
  • 60+ templates, numerous asset packs, and tools
  • Integrates with multiple external tools
  • A powerful analytics tool
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • Free version availability 


  • Limited built-in-functions 
  • Vendor lock-in and tool constraints 
  • The Notion-themed interface might be unappealing to some 

Typedream Review: Who is It For? 

Although Typedream is best suited for individuals or companies without any prior coding experience, anyone can try using the tool and make a beautiful website in a matter of minutes. Typedream comes with a free plan so anyone can try it, but it also offers two premium plans that are bang for your buck. 

Typedream is a great tool for solopreneurs, small businesses, designers, freelancers, startups, and teams or agencies of any size that want to build and maintain websites without needing to learn how to code.

Typedream Review: 3 Things I Love About Typedream

There are quite a few things I love about Typedream. But here are my top three favorite things: 

Better Value for Money 

Unlike Webflow, Typedream offers cheaper premium plans. It’s affordable and less costly while maintaining the same quality as Webflow. 

Depending on your chosen platform, you might need to pay for domain registration, hosting, and such, but the overall cost will always be less than Webflow’s. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses and owners to save resources and use them when needed.

No Dependency on Software Developers 

Long gone are your days of paying hefty cash to software developers to build you a custom website. Typedream allows you to build a small to larger e-commerce store with a non-technical team, develop a presentation website, or bring your business online without needing to depend on software developers. 

Massive Resource Library 

Typedream offers a wide array of premade templates and assets. It has up to 60+ beautiful templates and provides a selection of premium icons, mockups, design resources, etc., for your website.

Typedream Review

Because of the templates and assets, beginners, non-technical folks, and companies can make their websites easily and within minutes.

There is much more to like about Typedream, but I cannot help but mention its excellent customer support. Typedream ensures a fast response time and response rate for greater customer satisfaction.

Final Verdict

Typedream is a simple and well-thought no-code website builder for businesses of any size, designers, and freelancers. It focuses on letting you build the best website at the lowest of costs.

Typedream helps you build the best website without needing to learn any code. Its Notion-themed interface makes it the best choice for Notion users who want to build a website. But even if you’re not a Notion user, you can use Typedream as a powerful and affordable alternative to Webflow.

Full Disclosure: If you click on some of the links in this article and purchase a paid plan, I may receive affiliate commissions (at no cost to you!). Regardless, the products and services I review are some of the best I’ve tried, and I support them personally. Head over to my privacy policy & affiliate disclosure to know more.

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