Triple Whale Alternatives: I Have Tried 6 Marketing Attribution Software So You Don’t Have To

Triple Whale alternatives

Triple Whale is my favorite marketing attribution software for ecommerce stores but it isn’t a good fit for everyone. Why? Triple Whale’s attribution mechanism is different, you might want to start something cost effective or you are looking for a solid attribution software with pixels, not clicks. I tried all Triple Whale Alternatives and I’m summarizing them for you in this article. 

Although, I am a still huge fan of Triple Whale.

During my time as the Shopify ecosystem’s Head of Growth, I’ve had plenty of experience using marketing attribution & analytics software. And now, as an e-commerce growth marketer, I’ve personally tried and tested some alternatives to Triple Whale, so you don’t have to! 

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Read on to learn about the key features, pros, cons, and pricing for some of the best Triple Whale alternatives. But first, full transparency: I may receive some commission if you click on some of the links in this article (at zero cost to you!). Additionally, these companies do not pay me to write these reviews. I used these tools myself, and I support some of them regardless.

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Triple Whale

Triple Whale

Triple Whale centralizes the metrics from all your marketing channels into an app on your mobile or web. By combining crucial marketing metrics from all your channels into one dashboard, Triple Whale simplifies, informs & saves you time. 

Moreover, by integrating with eCommerce & marketing data from TikTok, Facebook, Google, etc., Triple Whale lets you easily track and analyze all your data at once for actionable insights. 

With Triple Whale, you can forecast & track your most crucial D2C metrics, learn about customer spending habits, run tests across all your ad channels, and more. Their AI helps you reduce errors and run your entire Shopify store right from a dashboard in your pocket. Triple Whale is currently used by many organizations earning annual revenues from $30k to $20M.  

Triple Whale

For a more detailed breakdown of the tool, head over to my Triple Whale review!


  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Profit Tracking
  • Sales Cycle Tracking
  • Zero Code Metric Builder
  • Real-Time MER Tracking
  • All Channel Attribution
  • Cohort Analytics and Segmentation  
  • 60/90 day LTV Calculations 
  • AOVs
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting 


  • Automatically collects and analyzes data from integrated platforms
  • The customizable all-in-one dashboard summarizes metrics from all integrated channels
  • Requires no coding knowledge, even for advanced configurations 
  • Advanced analytics and reporting features
  • This used to be a con but now a pro – real time tracking. This is what their team told me, “In truth, everything is updated in REAL-TIME apart from Ad Metrics that are updated every 15 MINUTES.”


  • Only offers click-through tracking
  • Relatively more expensive than alternatives
  • Only available for the Shopify system


Triple Whale pricing

Triple Whale pricing depends on your annual revenue and your membership type. There are two distinct plans – the Triple Whale package costs $100 per month, while the Triple Whale + Attribution package costs $300 per month for customers earning less than $1 million in a year.

Though Triple Whale is a great tool, with a starting price of over $100/month, it may not be affordable for all. Moreover, users who need pixel tracking and real-time data processing will find that Triple Whale does not meet all their needs. And that’s where the other alternatives come in.

Best Triple Whale Alternatives #1: Trackbee (Cost effective & free until first €50K)


Triple Whale Alternative

Trackbee vs Triple Whale 

Trackbee is a tool that has quickly gained confidence and becomes an alternative to Triple Whale.

Let’s dive into the difference. 

Key Differences

Triple Whale Alternative

Triple Whale is an e-commerce tool providing an attribution dashboard that aims to attribute purchases to marketing channels and campaigns. However, these attribution insights do not increase ad performance. Just reporting on interesting insights for your business. Triple Whale does not fix the biggest issue at play, which is that ad platforms such as Meta, Google, and TikTok are still receiving incomplete data.

In contrast, TrackBee doesn’t just gather customer data; they are the only software in the world that truly enriches your data and sends the data back to the ad platforms and therefore optimizes the ad algorithms. This leads to more targeted ads and improved results. Without enrichment there is no improvement in performance. 

Ease of Implementation

Getting TrackBee up and running is as easy as pie—no coding skills required. Triple Whale requires more hands-on coding and UTM setup.

Performance Impact

Triple Whale tells you which ads are working, but it doesn’t improve ad performance. 

With TrackBee, users gain complete insight into the sales funnel, from ‘add to cart’ to the actual purchase. This results in 100% data coverage. On top of that, TrackBee is the only party in the world that enriches your data and sends the data back to the ad platforms and therefore optimizes the ad algorithms. With accurate data, ad platforms know exactly who the target audience is. This means more targeted ads and better results.

API Tracking

Triple Whale has no API tracking. Trackbee uses the API to serve as your Conversion API, making tracking more efficient and accurate.


Triple Whale’s pricing varies with revenue. Trackbee offers a unique, revenue-based model. It’s free until you hit €50k in revenue. After that, it’s €100/month up to €50k in monthly revenue, and €0.90 for every extra €1,000. You only pay for stores with at least €10k in revenue history.


I have seen that Trackbee and Triple Whale offer very different features. Triple Whale provides you with accurate dashboarding for your ad platforms. As an eCommerce store owner, you want more than only a dashboard though. You need more complete data and better ad performance.

TrackBee tool offers the same AND it sends your conversion data back to the ad platforms to give your algorithms a boost to find you the cheapest transactions. Trackbee is therefore a more complete solution for eCommerce advertisers who want to improve their ads and store performance. Check it out while you can! It’s still free for the first €50.000 tracked revenue.

Best Triple Whale Alternatives #2: Northbeam (For Large Shops with Pixel Technology) 


Triple Whale alternatives: Northbeam

Northbeam is a solid eCommerce analytics platform designed to minimize advertising waste and maximize marketing budget. With attribution & mixed channel paths, Northbeam helps digital marketers solve key marketing challenges. 

Northbeam sets itself apart with hourly data refresh, real-time data processing, and their 3.5 years of expertise in pixel training– all of which help them paint a more truthful picture, however, Triple Whale claims that they also do real-time processing now..

Northbeam’s comprehensive attribution pinpoints where the revenue comes from, so you can efficiently maximize ROI. Northbeam also lets you customize reports on the fly, set custom alerts for ad overspends, and use machine learning to track potential customer sources. Moreover, Northbeam cleans and arranges the data it collects for easy understanding.

Northbeam claims that companies (e.g., The Ridge, HexClad, and Kizik) show an average 44% revenue increase after onboarding onto the platform. Besides integrating with storefronts and advertising API to collect customer-level data, Northbeam also integrates with Facebook Ads, Tiktok, Google Ads, Snapchat, Shopify, Amazon, Klaviyo, and more.

Update April 2023 on North Beam’s Pricing:

Here’s what their team wrote me:

We just launched new pricing: $1.50 for 1000 page views. We found this model to be:

  • More affordable for small brands looking to scale up their ad spend with your agency!
  • Easier to understand: Easy price for each 1000 page views with discounts for 6 months and annual commitments
  • Plans starting at $300/Month (even cheaper for 6 month and annual commitments)
  • We also are doing a promotion for 30 day money back guaranteed for any brand that wants to try Northbeam and let the data do the talking.

 just launched new pricing: $1.50 for 1000 page views. We found this model to be: :chart_with_upwards_trend: More affordable for small brands looking to scale up their ad spend with your agency! :face_with_monocle: Easier to understand: Easy price for each 1000 page views with discounts for 6 months and annual commitments :bangbang: Plans starting at $300/Month ( even cheaper for 6 month and annual commitments :eyes:) :money_with_wings: We also are doing a promotion for 30 day money back guaranteed for any brand that wants to try Northbeam and let the data do the talking. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



  • Comprehensive attribution goes beyond clicks to identify customer traffic
  • Collects, cleans, and visualizes first-party data
  • Quickly share top-level insights with Snapshots for team collaboration
  • Attributes every conversion with machine learning to identify all revenue sources
  • Helps understand customer paths to track how customers find, evaluate, and buy products


  • Cleans data by stitching and mapping customer activity across channels and devices
  • Aggregates across all possible customer touchpoints to give richer data sets with no attribution limits
  • Focuses on pixel-based tracking to provide more truthful insights than just click-based.
  • Offers personalized machine learning models that deliver performance forecasts and enhanced multi-touch attribution
  • Data is refreshed every hour for reporting
  • Empowers every client with data interpretation knowledge


  • Far more expensive than alternatives with a starting price of $800 per month
  • Suitable mostly for enterprises and large businesses

Pricing (I know it is not super clear so here you go)

Northbeam features powerful data stitching, cleaning, and reporting features powered by machine learning. But all these features come with a hefty starting price of $800/month for clients with up to 250k monthly views.

With the price progressively increasing for greater monthly views, the costs can be as high as $21,250 for 5M to 15M views.

You should definitely read this Northbeam review to learn more, I go in detail.

Verdict: Between Triple Whale vs Northbeam — Northbeam is more enterprise and bigger shops with much detailed feature rich and pixel rich data analytics and attribution (but it is worth it). You’ll save 1000+ hours of coding and maintenance if you do it yourself.

Try Northbeam for Free

Looking for a cutback? Use my code AAZAR-SHAD-22 for 10% off! 

Read my review on North Beam to dive detail here

Best Triple Whale Alternatives #4: Cometly 

Triple Whale alternatives: cometly

Cometly is another e-commerce-focused marketing attribution solution. The tool’s enhanced analytics and attribution help advertisers maximize their advertisement profits.

With Cometly, marketers can quickly grow and track their Facebook ad campaigns, get data in real-time, and identify which ads are driving sales. Cometly is ideal for both teams and individual Facebook marketers. 


  • Accurate ad attribution
  • Precise ad spend tracking
  • Direct integration with Shopify and Facebook APIs
  • Easy data analysis


  • Easy to set up
  • Server-to-server connection between Shopify and Facebook
  • Provides a 14-day free trial


  • Fairly new software
  • Few integrations available besides Shopify and Clickbank


Triple Whale alternatives: cometly

Besides a 14-day free trial period, Cometly offers a simple pricing structure that scales based on ad spend. Cometly offers three plans, from the Pro plan for $199/month to the Enterprise plan for $499/month. Cometly also gives you a 20% discount if you go for annual billing. 

All Cometly subscriptions come with features like Ads Management, Unlimited stores and team members, advanced reporting, and more. If you want to test Cometly yourself before subscribing, you can sign up for a free trial or book a demo.

Update: Now they have a completely free version too.

Try Cometly for Free

Read my full review regarding Cometly

Best Triple Whale Alternatives #4: (Deep Adtech experience) 


Triple Whale alternatives: admetrics


Having a team with almost 20 years of experience behind it, Admetrics is another solid alternative for Triple Whale. Admetrics Data Studio is an all-in-one marketing data warehousing, user journey monitoring, and attribution solution. With Admetrics, you get a complete picture of how paid and non-paid marketing initiatives contribute to your business.

The fully privacy-compliant user journey tracking feature integrates with your existing consent system, requiring no coding knowledge to set up. Moreover, Admetrics’ exclusive attribution algorithms can precisely attribute the sales to each touchpoint, channel, and campaign once the user journeys have been monitored. 

Admetrics’ first-party data analysis features set it apart from Triple Whale. This shows you which product and variant have been selling through a specific ad, making retargeting and segmentation easier. Besides that, Admetrics offers higher customer journey visibility with its server-to-server data transfer with Meta, which tracks data for all customer conversion events.


  • AI-based Predictive Audiences feature predicts purchasing intent for retargeting and prospecting
  • Creative reporting easily finds images, videos, and copy that generate maximum sales 
  • Shareable dashboard for reporting ROAS, conversions, CTR, and more
  • Dashboard tracks the performance of campaigns, ads, specific organic referrer domains, etc. 
  • Unified reporting for KPIs across all media sources and channels
  • Comes with a proprietary statistics engine to test and compare campaigns, targeting, media strategies, creatives, email copy, product ideas, audiences, and more
  • Built-in attribution modeling system ensures traffic sources and campaigns are fairly rewarded


  • Utilizes first-party data analysis to win more clients
  • Offers creative reporting across all channels
  • Server-to-server data sharing with Meta helps improve network performance
  • The predictive audience feature monitors user engagement in real-time to predict purchase intent
  • Custom audience features for Facebook and Google Ads assist in precise retargeting
  • GDPR compliant
  • Competitively priced


  • Only available for the Shopify ecosystem as of yet
  • Relatively new in the market


Another advantage Admetrics has over Triple Whale would be its competitive pricing. With the Startup plan charging $59/month, Admetrics offers Business subscriptions up to $699/month and custom plans to the Premium package. All Admetrics subscriptions also come with 14-day free trials and demos.

Try Admetrics for Free

Best Triple Whale Alternatives #5: (Cheaper But Good) 


Another good marketing attribution and tracking alternative to Triple Whale would be ThoughtMetric. It seamlessly integrates with large e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to simplify ad tracking, data gathering, and data analysis. 

ThoughtMetric is ideal for small to medium-sized eCommerce companies. You can quickly determine which marketing channels result in increased conversion and which do not use the same dashboard. Moreover, it lets you measure your ad spend more efficiently and get a price based on your monthly page views.


  • No coding required for setting up
  • Boosts conversion from social media marketing
  • Tracks customer journey and ad spend
  • Easily integrates platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, SMSBump, MailChimp, etc.
  • Uses advanced modeling algorithms to pinpoint customer traffic


  • Clearer data collection with post-purchase attribution surveys
  • Provides all major eCommerce integrations
  • Competitive pricing with a 14-day free trial


  • Lacks Chrome extension to integrate with existing ad platforms directly
  • Suitable mostly for e-commerce


Triple Whale alternatives: ThoughtMetric

The pricing for ThoughtMetric is among the most competitive in the market, with subscriptions starting at only $49 per month with the standard plan. The highest tier for ThoughtMetric subscriptions is the $799/month Diamond plan, and the price progressively increases depending on usage. Besides offering features like Pixel+ Survey tracking and unlimited users, all ThoughtMetric plans come with a two-week free trial.

Try ThoughtMetric for Free

Best Triple Whale Alternatives #6: Wicket Reports

Triple Whale Alternatives: Wicket Reports

Optimizing multi-touch revenue attribution models, Wicked Reports helps you see which ads are working and which are not. Like Triple Whale, it is another good tool to monitor data from all your marketing initiatives in one place.

Though Wicked Reports doesn’t offer as many integrations as its competitors, it does provide basic integration with FaceBook, TikTok, Klaviyo, Recharge, etc. This tool is more suitable for teams and big organizations. 


  • Accurate customer journey tracking
  • Traffic attribution for Facebook, Google, Tiktok, etc., for higher ROI
  • Tips and insights to prevent turning off campaigns too early
  • Accurate revenue attribution throughout the customer journey
  • First-party data conversion
  • Cross channel data collection


  • Easy to set up to 1-minute integrations
  • Integrates with Klaviyo to detect cold vs. warm traffic
  • Offers Live support


  • Subscriptions start from $400/month
  • Costly for individual/affiliate marketers


Triple Whale Alternatives: Wicket Reports

Wicked Reports pricing starts at $400 per month with the Wicked Good plan. The more premium Wicked Awesome plan costs $600 per month, and there’s also a customizable Agency plan. All Wicked Reports plans come with 1-on-1 onboarding, live chat support, LTV reports, Google+ Facebook conversion integrations, and more. Before making any payments for Wicked Reports, you can also book a demo for any of the subscription plans.

Try Wicket Reports for Free

Final Thoughts 

Triple Whale is a great tool for performance marketing, but it’s not without its limitations. Be it in terms of how deep their tracking services go, or how much data they process in real-time, Triple Whale may not be the perfect solution. But thankfully, there are a lot of solid alternatives to fit your specific needs.

ThoughtMetric will be the best choice if you seek the most affordable solution. If your focus is on maximizing your profits from Facebook marketing, then you should definitely try Cometly. Again, if you want personalized machine learning models to support your digital marketing endeavors and the price tag isn’t an issue, Northbeam would be best. But if you’re looking for unique features like predictive audiences at a more affordable price than Triple Whale, then Admetrics should be your choice.

Disclaimer: I may get some affiliate compensation from some of the links in this article (only if you purchase a paid plan). Regardless, the products and services I review are some of the best tools I have tested, and I support them personally. For more details, head over to my privacy policy & affiliate disclosure.

P.S: If you’re looking to learn about actionable growth marketing from real marketers, check out my podcast (with 74 episodes and more on the way!)




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