How One Marketer Grew 0 to 479,101 Organic Visits Without Backlinks within 17 Months

Podcast Details

In this episode, we’ve discussed Nick Jordan’s SEO store one of his clients. How he helped gain 500K SEO organic visits without backlinks.

Show Notes

We’re talking about the following topics:

1:40 – About Nick and why left sales

2:48 – His story of 0-479K organic visits from Do Not Pay (detailed case study below)

4:27 – How did he do it?

5:42 – What about the quality of the content while writing so much?

7:42 – Does domain authority matter to rank for organic visits?

8:56 – Isn’t web traffic a vanity metric? How does he think about bringing qualifies leads?

13:49 – How does he think about freelancers vs in-house writers?

15:09 – How does think about non-native English writers?

17:10 – What if Google’s algorithm changes and his strategy won’t work?

19:03 – What does “providing value” means to rank on search?

20:03 – How does he think about ranking for competitive keywords?

23:30 – Does keyword difficulty matter?

24:48 – How does he think about writing for the future? Can his writers pull that off?

27:01 – My take on Nick’s strategy, and how I would do it.

Key Lessons


  • Publishing velocity: Nick’s main strategy was to rank on every related term regarding the business and increase his ranking based on quantity, not quality. He increased the publishing velocity to 10 to 50 to 100 articles per month.
  • Content quality: He hired many editors over 3-4 writers to make sure that quality stays consistent, and answers the search intent.
  • What about the qualified leads? Most marketers know organic traffic is a vanity metric. It’s all about conversions or SQLs. He said that as long as you rank for the term which is related to your business, you should be able to rank on direct, related, and adjacent keywords. Your job is to provide value to folks who are searching.
  • Providing value: Answer searcher’s query, see the top results and what kind of pages are already ranking, and find the gap to address that in your content writing process.
  • Keyword difficulty and domain authority: These are made up by SEO tools, so don’t take it that seriously. Focus on writing good content.
  • Competitive category: Don’t focus on just one keyword, focus on the campaign level category, and write many pages for that campaign. It will start ranking for those categories.


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