Misconceptions Around Positioning & Positioning Stories From April Dunford’s Consulting

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Product-Led Growth Series # 1

Before figuring out anything about your business. You need to figure who you are selling to, how are you different, and where do you stand in the market. And, that’s called positioning.

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This podcast episode is a follow-up to Obviously Awesome book, April’s podcast appearances, and articles you’ll find on the internet. 

In this episode, we’re covering the following topics:

3:02 — Why positioning is gaining importance?

7:02 — What is NOT positioning?

9:32 — What’s the difference between category creation and positioning? Is category creation absolutely necessary to win?

15:49 — What is conversational marketing? A Positioning or Category?

18:30 — Is cost-effective pricing or ease to use a differentiator? 

22:21 — Which brands have nailed the positioning well?

33:56- How to use positioning in your sales calls?

35:57 — What’s the difference between strategic narrative and positioning?

41:13 – How Level Jump nailed its positioning to grow faster.

Key Lessons

  • We have been focusing on tactics, and the momentum has shifted towards strategy & the big picture. It’s the reason why positioning is gaining moment.
  • Storytelling for employees and investors is NOT positioning.
  • There are 19 out of 28 companies that went to IPO by being in the same category. You don’t need to create a category as a new startup. But creating a segment within a category. You should definitely do that.
  • Conversational marketing is a concept, not a positioning.
  • Level jump has created a good positioning. Listen to the podcast for their story.
  • To nail positioning in sales calls, you need to tell how you are different by explaining the market situation. You should tell the prospects about things they couldn’t figure out on the internet by assessing their needs first.
  • A strategic narrative is meant for employees and investors. Sure, you can use that as a story too if you want to explain the positioning.




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