Events & Ads: Lessons Learned from a Failed Linkedin Promotion Campaign

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LinkedIn Ads & InMail are known for targeting a specific audience. Although, the LinkedIn Ads CPC is higher than other social media.

In this episode, we’ll learn from Aleksandra’s story about how & why she failed running a virtual summit paid campaign on LinkedIn. And, how she quickly adapted to drive growth.

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Key Lessons

  • Linkedin Ads don’t work on every audience. Specially people who still are relatively new to it and who consider as a recruiting platform.
  • Brand awareness does count if you run paid ads on LinkedIn
  • Use LinkedIn ads for the even-green content (post-event promotion) 
  • Build relationships by connecting with folks manually and invite them to your event #dothingsthatdontscale
  • Don’t just rely on ads — focus on your audience

How to Drive Registration For Your Next Virtual Event

  • Own organic social content marketing, and use it to your advantage, and drive lead generations.
  • Drive registrations through your company database.
  • Manually reach out and connect with folks. 👉 This is how you connect with a cold audience
  • Use LinkedIn Groups to promote a relevant event.
  • Use LinkedIn polls on those groups to start a conversation.
  • Do utilize LinkedIn events and webinar tab to promote your next event.

Is Event Marketing Good for All Kinds of Businesses?

Actually, no. Not everyone needs to have event marketing in their strategy.

For example, companies like Ahrefs don’t do events but they’re still a success.

In order to run your next event marketing campaign, do this first:

  • Understand your goals which SHOULD NOT be branding. It should be tied to sales and revenue.
  • You have to either generate leads or upsell to your existing customers.
  • You need to have a proper tracking process for event marketing.

Why did Event Marketing work for SEMrush?

They have a global user-based. It was for more connecting with the existing user-base. It was more about putting a face. It helped differentiate in the world of SaaS and SEO tools.

What usually works in Event Marketing?

  • It is always personal connections and making friends. 
  • Have a post-event follow-up.
  • Do things that don’t scale and respond to all questions and connections.
  • Don’t be selfish to get the latest ROI. Build connections. 

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Show Notes

  • 0:53 – Aleksandra Panyukhina background in event marketing
  • 1:54 – The story about how she failed at LinkedIn Ads & Inmail
  • 5:23 – Lessons from the campaign failure
  • 12:31 – What works on LinkedIn right now?
  • 14:59 – When should you start thinking about Event Marketing?
  • 19:33 – Why Event Marketing works for SEMrush?
  • 21:43 – What works with Event Marketing?

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