How to really solve activation, think creatively to survive & thrive during COVID, and apply psychological principles to growth

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Craig Zingerline (Head of Product) at Sandboxx was met with a challenge. That is COVID-19.

He had amazing Q1 growth in 2020.

Then, at some point, the business was about to die.

Revenues dropping. Cancellations.

They had all the challenges one could think of during COVID-19. You name it.

Then, they re-iterated their product and opened a new business line by solving an existing problem of their audience.


They started growing again.


It’s a long emotional story on how they helped military recruits to stay connected with their family when everything stopped working.

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In this episode, we discussed:


  • Why Craig hates growth hacking?
  • How Craig fixed activation of upside when the users were not coming back?
  • How to increase brand stickiness? 
  • Drive value instead of trying to make more money. Prioritize user experience 
  • How to NOT die during COVID but also expand new revenue
  • How Craig tweaked his course with psychological principles to get 100K in revenue

Show notes:


2:06 – What are Craig’s thoughts on Growth Hacking and Why he also does not approve of it.

4:56 – How Upside.com was able to increase activation with non-active users?

14:44 – How Craig found & diagnosed the actual activation problem

18:38 – Craig’s thought experiments for growth

20:33 – How Craig was able to save a dying business that was highly impacted by COVID

32:36 – How he was able to get 6-figure course revenue by applying psychological principles and tweaking a few things.



Craig’s Growth University: https://growthminded.co/

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