How To Improve User Activation To Unlock Growth [ProductBoard's Example]

How To Really Improve User Activation To Unlock Growth [ProductBoard’s Example]

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This is the second episode of my this month’s Product-led Growth Series.

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In this episode, we dived into product growth and activation. User Activation is key for growth. We talked about:

2:02 – What makes Matheus passionate about product growth?

3:08 – How is he always optimizing for user activation?

4:04 – What’s the confusion around activation?

5:03 – How is he thinking about the sign up flow optimization?

6:28 – Does adding social proof really help?

7:59 – How user research really helps with activation?

11:27 – How did product walkthroughs help?

12:44 – How should we really look into data while doing the user research?

17:24 – What’s the difference between Product Growth & Product-Led Growth?

Key Lessons

  • Product Growth is a discipline between product and marketing. It’s like science and art together. That’s why it’s so interesting.
  • To fix activation you can always find some low-hanging fruits like improving the sign up flow and conversion/funnel optimization.
  • People think you can fix activation and you’re done. You’re not done, activation is a continuous optimization of the funnel.
  • To improve sign-up flow, you can add Auth0 to reduce friction to login. You can always find more friction points tp improve the funnel conversion.
  • Before asking questions in user research, try to look into the quantitative data. Find out the problems in the funnel.
  • Product walkthroughs did help with user activation.
  • Product Growth is a discipline and Product-led Growth is a Go-to-Market Strategy.




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