How to Go From Sales-led to Product-led Growth

How to Go From Sales-led to Product-led Growth

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This is the last episode of Product-Led Growth Series. We’ll cover the story of Matcha and Giovanni Hobbins.

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We discussed:

1:35 – Why and How Matcha Moved from Sales-Led to Product Led Growth

5:44 – What were the key changes made for the Product-Led Growth model

8:00 – What metrics they started following?

10:51 – How did they deal with the free-loaders who never subscribe?

13:26 – Did they take advantage of the referral and vitality?

15:26 – What resources would Giovanni recommend for Product-Led Growth?

16:01 – My thoughts on Product-Led Growth and Why Userpilot is not 100% still not a freemium product.


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