How To Create Your Demand To Get Hired Without Connections & Resume

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This is rather a touching story of Niels Zee. How he stood out as a growth marketer during a job application process.

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In this episode, you’ll hear Niels speaking about:

  • How pandemic hit and he lost his job
  • How he created demand for himself
  • How he got 33 interviews and 8 offers

This is a short-story led podcast format.

Show notes:


1:26 – How & why Niels lost job during pandemic

3:34 – Why 3D Hub couldn’t keep him any longer

4:45 – How he started thinking as a growth marketer

6:59 – How he applied growth marketing skills to his website

9:47 – The result with LinkedIn organic promotion


His Linkedin Posts & Stories:


Niels Zee: Growth Manager at StuDocu
Growth Manager at StuDocu: Niels Zee
Niels Zee


Connect with Niels

You can connect with him on LinkedIn:


Check out the website to entice recruiters: https://nielszee.com/



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