How Buffer Increased the Readership of Their Blog to Over 1.5 Million Visits/Month (With Only 3 People in the Team)

Podcast Details

In this episode, we’ll focus more on scaling content and fighting the giants.


1:22 – About Alfred Lua and his background in Marketing

3:07 – His opinion on being a fluid marketer

4:40 – How they grew from 1mn to 1.5mn organic pages views per month (the story)

11:00 – How to beat big publications like Hubspot on search?

13:44 – How do you really stand out in a newsletter as a company?

16:04 – How to look for business metrics while growing organic traffic for conversion?

19:12 – How to see the ROI on trendy blog posts?

25:54 – How much does branding play a role in business & content?

29:30 – My lessons and mental models from the podcast.

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