Episode 7: How B2B Influencer Marketing Helped A SaaS Grow 247% on Search (Part 2)

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I was also kinda shocked how B2B Influencer marketing can help a SaaS grow on search.

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Today on the show we have Agata Kirstofik, the person who’ve been part of Google, SimSclae and now PiktoChart.

True story: Learn how influencer marketing helped SimScale get qualified leads of 3 months within 3 days. These leads also cost 15x cheaper.

Not only that but it also increased search appearance for SimScale 247%

What did we discuss in the episode:

  • How Agata took 80% of marketing ad spend to search
  • How she took risks to do things in SaaS that others don’t do (influencer marketing)
  • Her growth experiments that helped the company grow faster

..and much more.

Key episode moments:

  • 1:55: Agata mentions that she was the first marketer, and how founders were spending more than $20K/month on ads
  • 4:46: The risk bet she took
  • 7:52: What was the result of her experiment?
  • 11:39: Was it just luck that the growth happened?
  • 12:45: What were the added advantages of this growth story?

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