How A Best Selling Author Captures Desire & Effectiveness To Grow Any Product

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Rob is the author of The Mom Test and we chatted about his framework to grow any product.


His books

The Mom Test: How to talk to customers and figure out if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you

The Workshop Survival Guide: How to design and run educational workshops that work every time

Write Useful Books: A modern approach to designing and refining recommendable nonfiction (Early Access)

In this episode, I asked Rob Fitzpatrick (The author of The Mom Test) about his framework to launch his books and software products.


We’ve covered:

1:31 – Rob’s story about how he got into Y-combinator

6:15 – His framework to research for any product

7:08 – How he stumbled on helping a friend to share his notes and that lead to the book – Write Useful Book’s

10:41 – Three lessons from his latest books (DEEPP framework). Desire – Effectiveness-Engagement – Polish & Professional

15:41 – How do you find out where exactly in the book people get bored to optimize it?

18:16 – How do you actually find out the audience for your book?

26:45 – Rapid-fire questions:

  • What’s the worst advice he ever got?
  • What he has recently changed his mind about?
  • When did you last say ‘Why not’ to something?

Check out Write Useful Book Resources & Rob’s Details




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