From Window Cleaning To Building An 8-Figure Ecommerce Brand

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Like we were wondering if we were to be able to keep the lights on.

At times I was wondering if I was going to lose my house. Like, I’d done really well over the years.

And I had, I’ve made a lot of money prior to all this, but almost all the money that I had gone back into trying to keep the business afloat at that time.”, said Tanner Larsson from Build Grow Scale.

In this episode, we dived into Tanner Larsson’s ecommerce Kitchen Brand story.

He grew it from zero to 8-figures.


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We discussed:


4:19 – Tanner’s background before e-commerce.

7:08 – His story how he faced different challenges to build a successful e-commerce store.

17:37 – What is revenue optimization in e-commerce?

24:13 – How to battle iOS14 changes?

29:58 – Who is Tanner’s favorite growth marketer?

30:31 – What’s the worst advice he ever got?

31:41 – What he has recently changed his mind about?

35:42 – What he said something to “why not” instead of why?




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The Story


Tanner was a window cleaner. Due to his health issues, he had to work from home and online. So, he went deep into ecommerce.

Now he is an e-commerce revenue optimization expert. He is been there since 2005 or so (unlike the other “gurus”).

He started selling on Amazon and utilized FBA services. Soon after, Amazon stole the supplier and started selling themselves.

Learning: Don’t sell on Amazon and own your audience.

Then, he founded this Kitchen Brand and bought the inventory but his suppliers backed out.

Then, he had to manage the inventory and the store.

Things started working well until Facebook changed its algorithm in 2016.

His sales tanked.

He almost lost his entire business until he figured out that the traffic was there but page speed was slow.

Then, he checked the mobile device conversion and optimized it.

Somehow, he figured out a playbook to help himself and started making millions in sales.

Now he calls it “Revenue Optimization” instead of Conversion Rate Optimization.

Check out the episode to learn more.

Here’s what I’ve learned from the conversation:


  • Own your audience
  • Traffic isn’t the problem, you need to look deeper
  • Paid social: Hit with the pain point instead of AIDA funnel strategy
  • You can’t fix a problem with tools, you need to understand the problem with first principles




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