Top Growth Marketing Consultants Who Will Help You Skyrocket Your Business

You’ve been running a business for a while, and now you need help to grow your business further with growth marketing consultants’ help.
saas growth marketing consultants

You’ve been running a business for a while, and now you need help to grow your business further with growth marketing consultants’ help.

Great! This blog is for you, and I’ve shortlisted amazing growth marketing consultants I’ve worked with, I know and I can vouch.

But before that, let’s dive deeper into growth marketing.

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth Marketing is marketing at 2.0 or 3.0. Gone are the days, when you used to work for brand awareness only.

According to folks at proof:

It takes the traditional marketing model and adds layers such as A/B testing, value-additive blog posts, data-driven email marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, creative ad copy, and technical analysis of every aspect of a user’s experience. The insights gained from these strategies are quickly implemented in order to achieve robust and sustainable growth.

In order to be a growth market, you need to be good at many things, not just one. These days, we call it the “T-shaped Marketer”. Someone who is great at Sales, Ads, SEO, Copywriting, User Experience, and many more.

To give you more ideas, you can look at the T-shaped marketer image below.

Buffer's T-Shaped Marketer Framework

A growth marketer is often a T-shaped marketer — with the strong base knowledge, foundation, and depth.

Why is it so different?

Traditional marketing focuses on the top of the funnel stages i.e. awareness. In the early 2000s, we were obsessed about being top of the mind. I remember, my brand management professor used to rave about how much you need to be on “top of the mind”. 

Now, you need to focus on the entire customer journey, that is once a customer buys your product, he or she uses it, then refers, and comes back for more.

Growth marketing focuses on full-funnel, not just top of the funnel stage.

Marketing Growth

Hope this above image gives more ideas regarding. It focuses from awareness to referral stages.

To give you some more idea on each stage of growth marketing i.e pirate metrics:

Awareness: This strategy focuses more on top of the funnel, and brand building. It focuses on how your target audience “knows” about your brand. This encompasses tactics like social media outreach, SEO-optimized content and ToFu (Top of the funnel) offers.

Acquisition: This strategy focuses on lead generation to acquire new customers from tactics such as gated content, chatbots, a freemium sign-up, or something else.

Activation: Activation focuses on making your user realize the value of your product/services as fast as possible. For example, if you have social media software then using scheduling a post to make the user realize how much he/she saved time with this software.

Revenue: Revenue-led strategy focuses on pricing experiments, upsell, and cross-selling.

Retention: Retention is all about customer delight. It’s like a marriage, you only start getting customers and want to keep them to further bolster the relationship. This can be improved with several strategies but it’s mostly about giving more value to your customers through your services, personalization, education, and support.

Referral: Here you take the customer delight to loyalty, and increase reviews, referrals, testimonials, and case studies.

Interested to know more about growth marketing? Check out my take on CXL and the Demand Curve Growth Program

Growth Marketing Consultants Skills 

Most growth marketing consultants are great at one or two things. I’ll just briefly touch on these skills when you’re planning to hire them:

  • SEO/Organic Traffic: Search Engine Optimization is a skill that they acquire via content marketing. It’s easy but takes time to give value. 
  • Search Engine Marketing: This is usually Google and Bing Ads. Someone who is good at search engine marketing, he/she needs to be a good copywriter and data-driven too.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Folks who are great at this usually are data-driven, they love A/B testing, Copywriting, Landing page optimization, and designing skills.
  • Social Media Marketing: Folks who are great at this usually dig more into Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube Ads, Instagram, Tiktok, and many other channels.
  • Partnership/Referral Marketing: Referral marketing is usually hardest to crack, but folks who do it, they’re commonly focusing on B2C business.
  • Sales: Some growth marketers are former salespeople who could help you set up your sales team, find outbound lead generation, and cold email tactics. 
  • Data Analytics & Data-Driven: Most of these growth marketers already use some SQL and python, and they are data-nerds. They already look at your data and provide you with the lowest hanging fruits in your business to uncover more potential.

There are many skills but I find these skills are common among Growth Marketing Consultants.

Recommended Growth Marketing Consultants & Agency

Search Engine Optimization, Organic Traffic & Content Marketing Growth Consultants

Aazar Ali Shad (shameless plug)

Aazar Ali Shad (shameless plug)

I do believe I know the most about SEO, Organic Traffic, and Content Marketing. If you’ve landed on this blog, then this means that I’ve done this right and I can do this for you too.

I’ve grown Userpilot’s business from 0 to 20K monthly visitors with SEO and content marketing.

Please feel free to reach out if you need he;p at [email protected]

Ugi from

Ugi from

I’ve personally worked with this guy, and I can recommend his work and agency. He knows SEO, Content Marketing, and Copywriting well.

He’ll understand your business, and even provide free strategy calls to make you successful. 

Why Ugi?

  • Hard-working
  • Knows content writing and marketing well
  • Have a fair share of SEO projects
  • Easy to work with

You can reach out to him here:

Jake from


Jake from

Jake, originally from England, started his career in SEO in 2009. Since then he has helped a myriad of B2B SaaS brands, such as Typeform, to scale SEO from 0 -> 200,000+ new organic visitors per month creating an inflection in new business MRR thus making SEO a critical and recognized customer acquisition channel.

Why work with Jake?

  • He’s been my mentor
  • He’s helped popular brands grow from ZERO
  • He can find quick wins for you and do it for you

I’d highly recommend his services, and reach out to them directly here

Search Engine Marketing Growth Consultant

You’ll see a good number of marketers in this category.

Let me share some folks who do a great job at it.

Agata Kristov

Agata Kristov


Agata has spent the last 10 years developing and executing growth strategies and product roadmaps at companies such as Piktochart, Google, Groove, and TeamViewer. Right now she coaches businesses in the area of PPC, ABM, SEO, content strategy, community building, OKRs implementation, analytics, CRO, customer experience marketing, PR, UX testing, and buyer personas development.

Agata has been my mentor in PPC, and I’d highly recommend working with her. Nobody knows PPC and Ads more than her.

Why work with her?

  • Amazing person to work with
  • Knows PPC marketing in and out
  • Worked for Google ads project in Google 

You can find more information about Agata here:

Chris from Jarrah Growth Marketing

Chris from Jarrah Growth Marketing


I’ve personally worked with Chris, and he worked for me as an agency. I loved working with Chris, and his agency.

Here’s why:

  • They REALLY work as your in-house marketer
  • They know Ads for last 10 years
  • They’re data scientists who focus on a data-driven way to give you the ROI

You can contact Chris here:

Luis Camacho

Luis Camacho

He is the founder of Fantôm Agency and also the host of the SaaS AdLab podcast, which is a podcast where he interviews SaaS founders to learn more about their story.

Fantôm is a digital advertising agency that focuses on helping mid-to-late stage SaaS (software as a service) companies scale through paid advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

He recently helped one of his client’s launch and generated over $400K in less than 4 months with a 12-month runway…

I’ve worked with Luis and I can highly recommend him. I’ve only seen praise from the clients I recommended to him.

You can reach out to him here:

Conversion Rate Optimization

I do have some growth marketing consultants who I can recommend, and I have worked with.

Lucas Mondora

Lucas Mondora


A few things Lucas has done great:

  • Built acquisition funnels for many SaaS & eCommerce products, sometimes bringing in thousands of subscribers & hundreds of trial users in the first month.
  • Increased website conversion rates by over 524% for an innovative Fintech company.
  • Increased monthly AdWords revenue by over 600% ($40k – $350k/month) while reducing ad spend, boosting their ROAS from 8:1 to 25:1.

Lucas is my one and the best source for conversion rate optimization, website development, and designing. He’s great at copy and design both. 

You can reach out to Lucas here:

Pedro Cortes 

Pedro Cortes 


Pedro Cortes is another growth marketing consultant who specializes in website design and conversion rate optimization.

He helps companies convert more visitors into customers through better messaging and positioning.

I’ve used his tactics to improve my conversion rates.

You can find more information about his consultancy here:

Sales Growth Marketing Consultants

It’s hard to find great sales growth marketing consultants because not many sales guys move to growth marketing. I do that since I’ve started in Sales but I’d like to recommend some of them below.

Mark Colgan

Mark Colgan


Mark works with B2B companies to increase revenue by helping them with their Lead Generation and Data Enrichment strategies. 

Currently, he’s working with TaskDrive as their Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, he leads the direction of a 100+ person, remote company by aligning Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Product.

His brain’s default mode is ‘Revenue Generation’ and his personal mantra is to give without expecting anything in return.

He specializes in these two sales-related growth marketing:

  • Lead sourcing strategies
  • Building a predictable and scalable outbound sales process

You can reach out to mark here

Mick Griffin

Mick Griffin


Mick has been working in the SaaS space for 12 years growing sales teams at both GetResponse Email Marketing and now at Brand24. His role is a hybrid of combining direct sales processes via his Customer Success Team, with strategic usage-based automation. As part of his Journey, Mick built Pipeline Summit, a Tech Sales Conference in CEE.

I’ve always admired his work, and you can reach out to him on Linkedin.

Activation, Referral, and User Experience

In the category of activation, referral, and user experience category. I do follow many growth marketers. This is usually what growth guys are focused on.

Andrew Capland

Andrew Capland

Andrew is probably my favorite growth marketing consultant who’s been in the weeds and knows the art of activation and referrals.

He used to work at Hubspot in various growth roles, and then Wistia where he had the biggest impact as Head of Growth.

He’s the Head of Growth at Postscript. he has spent the last 13 years working in SaaS marketing tech.

He’s the happiest when he is analyzing funnel data, running a/b tests, solving user acquisition challenges, and managing high-volume product-led growth businesses.

You can learn more about Andrew on his personal site here (link to or learn more about his business providing professional coaching for growth practitioners (links to

Wes Bush

Wes Bush


Wes Bush is the bestselling author of “Product-Led Growth: How To Build a Product That Sells Itself.”

Wes is the Product-led Growth Consultant and solely focuses on user onboarding, activation, and referrals. I’ve learned so much much from Wes, and he is best at CRO, User Onboarding, and Product-led Growth Stuff.

You can learn more about him here:

Shiv Patel

Shiv Patel

Shiv Patel has been a growth product manager for several years working for Autopilot, Productboard, WeWork, and Legion Analytics.


He’s currently an instructor of Udacity of Growth Product Management.

I’ve met and worked with Shiv. Highly recommended to work if you’re planning to improve your activation, onboarding, and retention.

You can reach out to Shiv on LinkedIn

These are currently the best growth marketing consultants you’ll find. If you want to find more growth folks, do check out GrowthMentor.



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